A Spotlight Of Bitcoin maximalist

Really, the latest scheme put forward by the maximalist Bitcoin, in an effort to take over the entire Internet, is a clever little plan. You see, the issue with many government regulations is that trying to go in and close down any website on the Internet is totally impossible and therefore totally costly for them. You see, the larger they are, the more individuals there are, and thus the fewer time they have to go and spend regulating the internet’s different websites. Find additional information at bitcoin maximalist

In principle, if the government tried to go in and close down Facebook or MySpace or some other platform, it would automatically cause all those sites to go out of business and instead turn to using new networking methods such as texting, instant messaging, and web browsing for all the people and businesses inside those sites. But this is not necessarily how things function in practise, of course. To avoid this from happening, the Internet has all sorts of sophisticated algorithms and security mechanisms in place that are put in place. And if the government were to step in and simply cut down all of those networks, the Internet as a whole would create confusion, and you can imagine what it would do to the world’s economy as a whole.

It sounds good in principle, however, and it might even succeed in the long run. But let’s say that, in the long run, it didn’t succeed, and that we had another disastrous terrorist attack on the U.S., and they were all dead? Well, it might really push people off the edge of the Internet, and they’d go back to their old ways, or they could adhere to the old regime, but that’s not what they’re talking about here. We are considering the possibility for a future in which the Internet will be fully dominated by the government. It is very likely, in reality, that they would gain full power and they already have the technical means to do so.