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Natural diet for dogs: can your pets live on eating vegetables alone?

A natural diet for dogs only consists of vegetables and in which some pet owners believe that it will be working, where many studies have proven that human can survive on the earth by eating veggies, so it is also possible for dogs. In which here is also another point to consider that is in general the dogs are of wolf family and naturally it belongs to be carnivores as like their forefathers so, including the raw meats and bones are found to be a vital one for their diet. You can never replace the amounts of protein present in the raw meat with vegetables and fruits because proteins play a vital and important role in the muscle development in your pooch as well as it develops the cuttings in the back on the fat which eventually leads to the healthier weight class.

The vegan diet for dogs comprises of fruits and vegetables, when the dogs have the vegan foods then it will result in loss of weight and muscle growth. This is why biologically accepted raw food is needed and considered as the best natural diet for dogs because dogs cannot live on the tofu and veggies alone and he also needs a good tasty bones, old meat and raw meat.

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