For anyone suffering from chronic back pain, the Inversion Table is a great pain reliever. Bad posture, over the years, results in severe back pains, which can now be corrected at home, as blood circulation is restored and damage is repaired.

This Inversion Table has padded hand grips with adjustable heights and is made up of rolled steel frames. This equipment helps you to use your own body weight to alleviate the pressure that accumulates when you are crouched in a wrong position or due to severe pain from sitting all day. You can treat yourself at home and avoid surgical treatment at exorbitant costs.

You can download exercises and instructions of how to use the Inversion table online, for maximum benefits, so that your pain is reduced considerably. Check out the YouTube video below and see how to use the Inversion Table from the comfort of your own home.

Start your exercise slowly. A beginner should not exercise for more than a minute or two. Make sure you angle the table at 20 degrees initially. After a few weeks, when you are comfortable with the exercise, gradually increase the angle and the duration. You can use the Inversion table more than once a day as you increase the time. Try not to exceed beyond 1 – 2 minutes initially.

You can adjust the height to your satisfaction. I had bought this table for my mother who has been suffering with acute pain in the back and joints and she tells me that she is feeling very much better now.

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